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An Interview with Dale Prochnow

Posted 26 Apr 2013  



Posted 05 Jan 2016

©2016 Dale Prochnow

In August of 1894, Frederico Pietro Campidoglio was born on the southern coast of Sardegna, the first son and the fourth of thirteen children born to a man of great respect within his community. The baby’s father, Signore Enrico Campidoglio, the lifelong Tax Collector from the city of Caligiari, was also a man of great wealth. Paid neither in chickens nor eggs nor goats by his constituents for the privilege of receiving his attentions, but in cash and gold, his father had amassed a small fortune by the time he was forty, living in a respectable villa in the center of town. Even the Mafia treated him with deference. In contrast with the majority of the people of Sardegna, who had endured privation, poverty and pathos for as long as most could remember, Enrico Campidoglio enjoyed a relatively comfortable, stable, pleasant and happy life…with one major exception.    


For the Love of Ampersands

Posted 20 Mar 2014

©2014 Dale Prochnow
An employment agency lined up a job for me with a New York advertising agency in my last year of college, but I wasn't sure I wanted to take my young family there. During spring break of 1972, I gassed up my old Pontiac and humped my portfolio from Los Angeles to Dallas. Driving until I could drop, I ate in truck stops, slept in the back of my car and camped in the lobby of every design studio and ad agency I could find, interviewing with any creative director who would give me ten minutes.
By the time I returned to the university campus, I had received offers from around the Southwest but was in a quandary. I really only wanted to work for a little Italian art director I'd met in Phoenix. A designer with a great portfolio, he had come west with Armour Foods when the company left Chicago. It was a problem that he was offering me a job for only a third of the money being discussed in New York, but after graduation I sucked it up and headed for Phoenix.

Corporate Identity

Above Software logo

Posted 16 Apr 2013

©2013 Dale Prochnow

Teleware West was a company with unimpressive, flat sales. It had a competitor that owned the same name and had a similar product line. The owner wanted to establish positive product and company recognition among consumers and retailers, plus drive sales in order to establish viability as a venture capital candidate so that he could launch a costly but very important new software product.